21 May 2008

Post ANTM: Make Me a Supermodel

America's Next Top Model has now come and gone and season by season I'm becoming less enthused by the outcome. Taking nothing away from this season's "full figured" winner, Whitney, I somehow get the feeling that Tyra is trying to make a statement (and perhaps "fixing" the competition) with each winner. Not that there's anything wrong with that as you can have a skin disease and be a top model, or you can come from nothing and be a top model or you can be a full figured model and be a top model. Anyone notice a pattern here? Perhaps the show should be called "America's Next Role Model" as it's slowly straying away from the top model aspect.

I'll still watch the show mainly for the creative photo shoot ideas and see if any of my predictions make it near the end. Back on Jan 27-08 I did predict Fatima would be in the top 3 based on the profile pictures alone. And 2 seasons before that, I did predict that eventual winner Jaslene would make it near the end. What can I say? I have knack of scouting!

But now that ANTM is over. What's next? is that an ad for Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel" that I see?

FYI: Even though the 1st episode aired on CityTV this evening, if you DO NOT want to find out who won, DO NOT CLICK on the link above and make the same mistake I did! *sigh* Don't say I didn't try to warn you!

Despite the spoilers, I will still watch this show to replace the Wednesday's ANTM withdrawal! and if anything, I think this show will go back to the basics of what ANTM initially had going for it and that is to find a top model without making any socio-political statements and bring back the harsh judgement statements from those in the industry. Period. Plus it'll be good to see a new set of hosts in the likes of Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford.

Gotta love Bravo and it's real life drama programming.

(Please Note: Adriana Lima has nothing to do with any of shows mentioned. Just looking for an excuse to post a picture of her with the mention of "Supermodel"!)

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