21 May 2008

Long Weekend / Family Shoot

This past weekend was a fairly good weekend... if you exclude the Vancouver-type rain and howling winds that particular Saturday night. I was able to put in a good bike ride around the city from the North East of the city to Hawerlak Park and back all done before the noon hour, watch all of Season 1 of Robin Hood, read "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk and do a family shoot.

Now of course I'm here to blog about the family shoot as it's been awhile since I posted some pictures. The Johals, Charn And Kam, are a young family with a beautiful daughter named Sahara. Sahara also happens to be Aman's niece, who I shot on Mother's Day, as Aman and Kam are sisters. I also had the pleasure of doing Sahara's Christmas pictures and 1st Birthday Party, which almost seems like ages ago, as she really has grown since I last saw her. As well, I noticed one of the black and white pics I did of her during our 1st session, blown up and nicely framed and displayed in the common area. Very nice indeed.

This shoot was put together at the last moment with Aman telling me during our shoot that Kam wanted me to do a shoot for them over the long weekend. Luckily, my day was free that Monday and that the weather actually co-operated this time around. The shoot was done in and around their neighbourhood. Even though I wasn't familiar with their area nor had I the chance to scout the location and scope out area to shoot at, everything seemed to fall into place that day.

Feel free to browse through the slideshow below and see the fun shots from the day

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