27 January 2008

America's Next Top Model: Cycle 10

Yay! One of my guilty pleasures is back next month!

Check out this season's crop of America's Next Top Models HERE

Here are my Top 3 picks, even though not everything is known about these models, nor are there many pictures of these models available. but it's the 1st impression and trying to get a feel as to who can maximize their potential is what I'm basing my picks on:




I know there isn't much to go by by I'm somewhat confident with my picks, or at least I hope that they go far.

Again, I'm disappointed in the lack of representation of the Asian community in place of those that are there merely chosen for ratings and for a disturbance among the other girls. Let's take the Filipino Community for example: they really LOVE their pageants and model searches. Turn to a afternoon variety show on the Filipino Channel and there's always some sort of model search going on. You would expect at least 1 filipina to make it to the show with their dark (or mitiza) complexion!

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