08 February 2008

Jenna's Baby Shower

On January 1, 2008, we welcomed another addition to the family. My cousin and his wife welcome their 1st child Jenna-Camille into the world. Initially, Jenna was supposed to arrive around December 26-28 but I called it around the beginning of December by saying that it would be cool if she was a New Years baby, perhaps even the 1st one born in the city. I think there some free swag, if not bragging rights, for being so.

So last weekend we finally had a baby shower for the 1st parents-to-be. I thought this would be a good chance for my dad to try out and play around with the Canon XTi he purchased just before the New Years. And I swear you can't make this conversation up, which I thought was quite amusing:

Me: So are you going to bring your XTi to the shower?
Dad: No, I don't know how to use it yet. I'll just bring the (Rebel) film camera instead.
Me: Why don't you just bring the XTi so you can figure out how to use it? It's basically the same as your film camera, and you can see the preview of the shots in the back. You're probably going to throw it at 1/125 in TV (time value) mode anyways.
Dad: Nah! maybe next time.
Me: Well can I bring it then so I can play around with it?
Dad: No
Me: Why not?
Dad: You have your own camera. Just bring your own camera if you want to take pictures tonight.
Me: My camera is too expensive to carry to small functions. Bah!

Eventually, I did manage to bring my dad's XTi to the shower and took the following pictures:

Jenna pretty much slept through the whole night which is why there's not that many of her from that night. But when she was awake for that brief period of time, I was able to get some nice candids of her and the rest of the family.

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