09 February 2008

Weekend Babble

So what is one to do when it's -30C outside? If you said "Ooh.. let's go for some Marble Slab ice cream!" I would call you "DAFT"!... but I like your thinking and I WILL take that rain check.

And if your second notion was to sit around and trying to figure out "What can I do to become Adriana Lima's Victoria's Secrets waredrobe fitter?" I'm totally with you. (step 1 - need to find an argyle sweater-shirt) Plus, this gives me a good excuse to post a picture of Adriana Lima! :P

I pretty much holed myself front of the computer the whole day to update the ipod for my morning workouts and to get some projects out of the way. The fashion/wedding site is about 68.75% done. The context and content is pretty much done. Now it's just a matter of making it aesthetically pleasing and adding a few more images here and there.

Speaking of which, I need to find a profile picture of myself to throw on the site. Consider this task next to impossible as I rarely have pictures taken of myself. Ironic eh? I just find that my favorite photographer that happens to find my best angles and profile is... ME! Though maybe this time around, I may consider the following:

a) ask one of my photographer friends to shoot me. Though after every shot I will probably run up to him/her and say "Can I see?"
b) head down to the mall and get my picture taken in one of the photobooths, or better yet, that venue where you can dress up in western clothes from the 1800s.
c) set up my camera in timer mode on a tripod and with a full length mirror right behind it so I can see how I'm posing.

Now as for my personal website: www.nino-roy.com, that too is an ongoing project of mine to revamp it since it's almost been 2 years since I last updated the structure and layout. I could just add/delete some pictures, call it a day and then go for a cold one but I don't think I would feel creatively satisfied. I think that as an artist, no matter of what medium, it's always good to experiment and find new ways to express yourself creatively. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

But right now, I'm torn at the direction on how I want the new layout to look like. I had something going for awhile - did layout, coding and all. But after revisiting it tonight, the more I thought, "I can be more creative than this! But how creative should I go? I want the images to be the main meat and bones of this site. But how should I design the overall layout so that the site still maintains its clean and modern look?" What I had going initially was really simple and plain but then I thought it was TOO plain and TOO simple.

As an artist, I don't know if one can ever feel completely satisfied despite the praises and accolades one receives. I get that feeling many a times that there's something missing or that something needs to be added/deleted/modifed that others may not even notice or care about. I guess you say that my creativity is both my strength and my weakness. But for the next little while, I think I will step away from the computer for awhile before I go crazy dealing with my own creative battles and break out the reliable pen and paper and start sketching up some design layouts.

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