27 January 2008


Hello my faithful readers (yes! all 5 of you!)

Here are a few updates as to what's keeping me busy nowadays.

For those that know, I finally registered my hobby last year as a trade name: Nakatawa Fotography. This site will primarily focus on wedding and fashion photography. (This is where we cue the song "These are a few of my favorite things...")

I'm in the process of putting the final touches together on the website as I'm still going through a couple of more pictures to include in the portfolio section. And in case you're wondering who's doing my website, yours truly is the one that's designing, coding and developing it. I guess I just like having that "on hands" feel and take great joy in seeing the concept on paper finally materialize.

The site will have this classic, organized and simplistic feel to it, pretty much the same philosophy of mine of keeping everything simple and letting the work speak for itself. Below is a teaser screenshot of the website.

When the site finally launches, for sure it'll be announced on this blog.

As for my other portfolio site, I will still keep that site up and running. I'm planning to revamp that site with a new layout and a set of new images as well but will still keep the focus on the Arts & Arts Events.

Whats on tap for February
  • a pair of couples shots
  • a maternity shoot
  • a kids shoot
  • a late February wedding
  • book more shoots for personal projects and weddings for later on in the year
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