20 January 2008

Bridal Fantasy

This past weekend I went to go check out Bridal Fantasy @ the Northlands Agricom. This was my 1st time to head to such an event because I had no other reason to do so in past i.e like GET MARRIED!

But this year I thought I'd go check it out and see what what products and services they to offer for brides-to-be. Oh that plus I wanted to check out the photography booths and see what my fellow colleagues were showing off and offering. I don't know if I want to call this an ego thing but I just wanted to compare them to myself and ensure that I myself am not underselling my products and services. Yet still at the same time, I still want to price myself competitively but not astronomically... yet!

And for those of you that read this blog (all 5 of you that is!), if you happen to pick up a copy of this year's Bridal Fantasy, if I could direct your attention to the 2 page ad for Eye Trend Ltd, yours truly shot that ad campaign for the company. yay for me!

Of course the highlight of the event is their fashion show incorporating the look, clothes, make up, hair styles and accessories of the vendors. Here are few of the highlights:

view more highlights HERE

All in all it was fun event: met up with a couple of friends and photo colleagues, had a few chocolate samples and candies used to entice people to visit their booths (it worked for me!), all the while "YMCA" (and all of your favorite tracks from Dance Mix 95!) played from the numerous dj booth set ups! And of course, squeezed in some shots for this blog.

Some of the people I came across the way today asked if I had had a booth set up this year. HAHAHAHA!! to answer that, I had to say "No.. not yet!" I've only started to shoot weddings just last year (6 in total - not bad for a 1st timer!) as I've now started to see the fun in doing so as well as creating the albums for the clients. I think once I get a couple more weddings under my belt as well as some more sample albums to display, only then I would potentially consider in getting a booth. But for now, I'm doing fine with the "word of mouth" advertising!

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