13 January 2008

Kendryan's 1st Birthday!

It's been awhile since I covered an event that wasn't a wedding related or a special event that has the city written all over it. So covering my friend's son's, Kendryan, 1st birthday over this past weekend was a welcomed change of pace since I rarely cover such events.

I've known Kendryan's parents, Allan and Tracy, for over a decade now, though I've known them separately through different walks of life before realizing that they finally found and married each other a few years ago. They could've gotten anyone of their families to capture the event through their point and shoot digital cameras (not that there's anything wrong with that as I tend to tote either my olympus 5060 or canon A570IS myself). So I felt pretty honored that they asked me specifically to cover Kendryan's 1st Birthday. I mean, how many times can a kid have 1 year old birthday? (Though you can ask me how many times one can have "25 year old" birthday!)

Here are a few samples taken from this special event:

view more sample pics HERE

My only regret was that I wished I had more chances to take pictures of Kendryan with his family from his paternal and maternal side but either everyone was pretty entertaining their guests (as that's what filipinos do best) or Kendryan was taking a light siesta.

By end of the day, all the kids - young and old - had a great time. There was lots of food - it's a filipino function. What else could you expect?! And Kendrayn was showing many signs that he's ready to take control of the mic and sing like his father!

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