07 January 2008

Sunday's shoot

This past Sunday I had somewhat of an impromptu shoot with my friend Margo and some of her girl friends. I know we talked about doing some group shots with her friends, mainly after her friend Efka came back from Costa Rica (Lucky Girl!), but we never really set a firm date. So imagine my surprise late in the week that I would end up shooting them over this past weekend!

The shoot didn't turn out too bad given the circumstances: Margo was having "waredrobe issues", Efka was tired form the night before, Elsy seemed to be nursing a nasty cold and Meghan hadn't shot in front of a camera in a long time. This led to some quick thinking and some improvising on my part but everyone pulled through and got the group shots that Margo wanted.

I'm still working on some of the shots, but here are a couple of candid, behind the scenes look:

More than likely we'll probably do another shoot like this sometime later on in the year. I usually find the candid-small group-friend shots to be one of my favorite shoots since these shoots tend to be with good friends and there's lots of joking around. It's easier to break the ice this way after the 1st couple of shots; then the rest of time is a breeze.

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