12 November 2008

out and abouts

the past couple of days i found myself out and abouts. what else is new?

highlights over the past 4 days include getting acquainted with some of the local photographers and invading a shoot, meeting up an old friend visiting from the 'gina, driving my sister in and around the city while the parents are away, going for a jog along the river valley with my former supervisor in the wee hours of the snow fallen morn, having lunch/a mini-reunion with those i travelled to peru with and chillaxin at various lounges, bookstores and tea houses.

crazy at it seems, i'm rarely at home, which can be seen as a good and bad thing. it's good that i'm out getting fresh air and catching up on old times with my friends. better than spending hours in front of the computer. then again, i should be spending hours in front of the computers to put the finishing touches on a couple of albums and prints. oh woe is me - i do like the social life!

that being said, i created a new album on facebook (what's "facebook" you say? a necessary evil i say!) just capturing candid moments on my point and shoot and camera during some moments i was out and abouts. there are just some days where I just don't want to lug around a huge camera to small functions, compared to a point and shoot that i can carry in my murse. it's like going back to the days where i didn't have an actual camera, but instead those fuji quicksnap, disposable point and shoot cameras! ah the good ol days when things were much more simpler!

it's a good thing my shooting deadline is soon approaching. i should be getting past projects and shoots wrapped up very shortly.

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