10 December 2008

quick updates and a cheap plug

Hey everyone (all of my 5 readers that is). Sorry for the lack of updates. Just been pretty busy as of late trying to get everything wrapped up by end of the year in terms of post production work. Some of the delays are just due to me waiting on other people, me being tired staring at a computer screen after doing so for 8 hours during the day at work and some of it is just due to the nature of the beast. slowly but surely, I will get things done as I've originally intended to.

I should have some samples of my recent shoots posted in the next little while here on this little ol blog of mine. Otherwise, those who are friends with me on facebook will see additions to my "So Called Busy Life Vol. X" photo albums.

So just recently I inherited my sister's macbook of 2 years old. I bought it for her initally as a "welcome to university" present until she recently acquired (thru the assistance of my visa - gotta love the aeroplan!) the new generation of macbooks. So basically she was looking after the macbook until it officially became mine. It's not much but it's a significant upgrade from the iBook, if you remember those. It's sleeker, lighter - making it a good travel companion to get things done on site, compared to the iBook, which at 15.5" can be a bit bulky.

Now that I have a new old macbook (with the maximum amount of RAM now installed), I thought I'd add my personal style to it. For those that know, my iBook had a stencil of Metric's album: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? that i created out of silver vinyl. This time around, I thought I'd see what's out there in terms of pimping out your laptop.

And this is where I came across gelaskins.

If you ever want to salvage your street cred by keeping on the up and up, this is where you want to go as they have art and styles for whatever may tickle your fancy for laptops, iphones, ipods and portable gaming consoles. (For those in edmonton, you can find gelaskin products at your london drugs store in the electronics department.)

I think it would've been predictable for me to go with the "asian-samurai" theme, though it was tempting considering that I do like the color scheme of red, white and black. instead, i came across a new artist that really caught my eye and attention: Nanami Cowdroy. There is something so fresh and unique about her work which is a mix of graffiti and illustration. As well, i found her work to be witty, detailed but yet so simple at times. And it happens to have my favorite color palette of red, white and black. So that being said, I found one of her artworks that I can now display on my macbook:

blowing kisses? phssh! how about "blowing fishes!"

another view of my laptop. isn't it "fetch"?!

so all in all, i'm good and well behaved (at times... especially with christmas around the corner!). i may be will be hard to get a hold of until the end of the year. but those persistent enough may be rewarded.

peace out.

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