09 October 2008

done for the year

Ok not quite. But I will stop shooting for the year as of NOV 16-2008. The reason being is that this will give me enough time to wrap up everything I need to before the year ends i.e. albums, prints etc. Those that I have committed to for dates for functions past this date will still be honored. I just don't want to find myself working a lot during the Christmas season, especially with so many events and functions going on near the end of November and all throughout December. Additionally, this will give me a chance to take a break from shooting and rejuvenate until the next year.

So those requesting to do a shoot in time for Christmas or what have you, please contact me right away. I will still be available for consultation for weddings and other projects throughout the year, but after NOV 16, the big camera will be tucked away and I will be making do with a regular point and shoot camera :)

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