13 October 2008

divertido: live like a vip

last wed, I had a chance to check out a social networking event, brought to us by Divertido: Live Like a VIP, held @ 29 Armstrong

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what's great about a young company like divertido, is that they put on particular events for the young urban professional for the sole purpose of networking. or as they mention on the website, divertido "offers lifestyle opportunities to connect and network with like minded personalities."

I didn't have a chance to check out their inaugural event back in september as I had the slight case of being on a beach in Peru ;)
but it's great to have specific events to mingle and network with people that you can potentially help out with your services and vice versa. i certainly felt the positive vibe and energy in the area after speaking speaking with a couple of people. so after a few exchanges of banter and business cards, we'll see how this goes.

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