22 October 2008

Peru 2008: the photo album

So today is Wednesday aka "Hump day!"

This is quite fitting as I finally gotten over the hump and started crack-a-lackin on my Peru vacation photo album a few days ago. Believe me when I say that I was in "full time, university student" mode when I treated this as a project with a certain deadline of today.

I did the whole "stay up late, as late as need be", forfeited my early morning gym workouts and hammered X amount pages a night like a true student working on project for major marks.

So after working on this for a total 3 days (started on my day off this past Friday but didn't do anything this past weekend due to work, a couple of oiler games and a couple of photoshoots) and 152 pages later, I can now virtually see the sugar-free fruit of my labour online and ready to order.

If you like to see a preview, click on the album cover. Ands thanks to the Blurb, you can actually order a copy for yourself as well in different types of album options i.e. hardcover, soft cover and/or wrapped cover. So you too can see the pictures I've taken during my amazing 22 day adventure in Peru, coupled along with a couple of stories and sides notes, written in my wry and dry humour.

And since Christmas is coming around the corner, I've decided that any proceeds from the sales of this album, I will gladly donate to the Hope Mission so that people are fed during the Christmas season.

It's all good.

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