24 October 2008

family shoot: the sangha family

this past weekend i shot a young couple, Inder and Raman, along with their 7 month baby boy, Ishaan.

this family shoot was actually 4 months in the making as Raman contacted me back in June to do a family session. But by that time, my summer was already booked up of shooting weddings, attending weddings, and my trip to Peru (Ahhh... Peru!). So when I eventually returned back from Peru, I was following up with my shoot requests in late September and got a hold of Raman. they were still down for family shoot for sometime in october when our schedules worked out.

and those that know me, know i like to shoot outdoors in the natural light, with little to no flash as possible. the timing couldn't have been any better, especially with edmonton approaching the fall season and experiencing its warm colorful orange and yellow leaves. luckily, the weather turned out to be nice and sunny that day for the shoot.

I must mention that Ishaan is a tricky baby to shoot. When I was trying to shoot some close ups of him, he had a lukewarm reception to my camera and I couldn't get "the" shot of him smiling and being in the moment with his family and aunties. But when he was being backed up on his stroller and with my camera by my hip, he started to give this huge smile. And just as I brought the camera to my eye and he was moved forward in his stroller, he ceased to smile again. Frustrated, I placed the camera at my hip again. And at that moment he started to give off this huge grin again.

I think at that moment he meant to say was "yo! mr cameraman! i know you're the one with the camera and trying to shoot me in all my baby glory. but guess what? I will control the shoot no matter how you try to direct the scene because i can turn my smile on and off just like that. booyah!"

eventually he warmed up to me and we got some great shots of him playing in the playground.
here are samples from the day

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