28 October 2008

an afternoon with elijah

this past sunday, I did a "catch up" shoot for our family friend of her son, Elijah. Again, this was another shoot requested a few months back (in may to be exact!) but just due to scheduling conflicts, nothing could be formally scheduled. So I mentioned to our friend that we should work something out when i get back from Peru as I should have a clearer shooting schedule then.

I confirmed the shoot this past friday as I initially thought it was for sunday. but i was reminded that it was supposed to be for saturday. oops. that being said, we changed it to sunday instead because that worked out better for me.

funny how things work out as this past saturday, it was crazy windy all day throughout the city. one would almost expect to see a house go flying through the air and land on a wicked witch of the east. yes! it was just that windy. if the shoot was still on for saturday, there would've been no shoot due to the weather as i love shooting outdoors. freaky how i get all nostradamus like that as sunday was the better day of the 2. ah well, with great powers, comes great responsibility.

so for the weekend shoot, i wanted elijah to go for the gap kids / american eagle look as we shot around the downtown area. even though it was pretty chilly that afternoon, Elijah was a good sport - especially when you pump him full of hot chocolate!

some may think trying to shoot a 6 year old, full of sugar and full of energy may be a bit tricky, but i used that to my advantage and got the shots i needed.

see more samples HERE

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