15 July 2008

Nakatawa Fotography: Website Relaunched

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've updated my website: Nakatawa Fotography; I relauched it late last night.

When the site was initially launched back in Mar of this year, it was primarily a wedding photography site. But as more requests and referrals started coming in, the more it evolved from that - so not only was it centered towards weddings, but I've been getting requests to do maternity shots, baby/kids shots, engagement shots on top of the special events that I've been covering in the last little while. All of which where I could still exercise my photojournalistic style. The more I took a step back, the more I was seeing a much larger and grander picture: to shoot real life events in people's lives.

If someone were to ask what 3 words would be used to describe the type of work I shoot: Real. Life. Style; just a play on words about shooting a lifestyle, or a real life event and to shoot with style.

With that in mind, everything about the original website was changed: from the dark color scheme to the layout to the whole overall concept. The simplicity of everything was influenced by "Real Simple" magazine's look and layout and one of my favorite photographers' website, Jose Villa. I just like how everything looks very clean, bright and well organized.

Additionally, I have been racking my brains for the past couple weeks on trying to decide "how do i present the pictures?" i.e. flash? slideshow? javascript? do i use thumbnail images? etc. in relation to the overlying theme of the site, and making it simple for myself in case of an instant update, again I kept everything nice and simple, easy to navigate - and I did this using good ol html - simplistic web coding at its finest!

All in all, I'm currently content with my latest efforts. Updates will be done to it for the most part when I've completed a shoot and see an image (or images) I really want to share.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the site and leave comments on what you think of the new layout

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