22 March 2008

Nakatawa Fotography: Website Launched!

Huzzah for me! I finally launched my Fine Art-Photojournalist Wedding Website: Nakatawa Fotography

It's been a long time coming but I'm glad that it's up for now (still need to find a decent headshot of myself). And to think, that a few years ago when I finally picked up a dslr camera, I refused to shoot weddings because I didn't think I would have in doing so.

Keep in mind that I really started getting into shooting wedding photography just last year so I'm still a little wet behind the ears when it comes to experience. So forgive me if the portfolio section seems a little bare... for now! But don't let that lack of experience fool you as for those that know, I covered many arts and performing arts/social events to hone my photojournalistic skills over the past 3 years - which is why I am able to transfer those skills in my wedding coverages.

It's all part of the "5 Year Plan" I say!

So in the meantime, if you know anyone that's getting married and is looking for a photographer for this summer (or on short notice!) feel free to let them know about me and this site. I do have packages that should be able to suit most people's needs. That being said, I also do offer friends & family referral discounts! ;)

Hasta luego

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