28 July 2009

my birthday day

now i usually don't post portfolio pictures on this blog, but for now, i'll make an exception. namely because it's a shoot i did on my birthday!

much love to my buuuuddy venessa aka v-pain. aka venessasaurus rex. aka v'ness cafe.. (i could go on on and on. hehehe) who drove on down from her hometown of fork lake, alberta to join me on my special day. and since her birthday is one week before mine, this would be more of a fun and really random day to celebrate our birthdays. i get to shoot, she gets a shoot. it's win-win.

being that it's summer, i try to take advantage of shooting outdoors before t might snow the following day (ha! you laugh now but you'll see!). so my initial idea was to do a shoot out in the forest within our river valley. venessa suggested we go one step further and shoot someplace on the side of the road, perhaps someplace out in the country with a farm-like setting. sounds good to me.

so we ditched the forest shoot for the time being and drove up north. seeing how we were already on the north side of the city, i suggested that we should check out the alberta railway museum. why? why not. and so we made our way along the dirty and dusty trails in search of the railway museum.

along the way, we saw a vast country side and hectares of canola. as soon as you know it, venessa spots a big red barn just off to the side the road, surrounded by a field of canola. it appeared to be a great setting to do a photo shoot: so much space, so much color, but was it abandoned? was someone currently working in the field? only one way to find out, right?

we drove up to the property and were greeted by a horse in the backyard. oh this should be fun. we spoke to the homeowner, lynda, who was probably wondering why we were on her drive way. we explained to her that were driving along the road when we spotted her barn and thought that would be a cool place to do a shoot. lynda was a great sport and allowed us to shoot on her property for most of the day. she even asked if we wanted to ride the horse for the most part. seeing how this day was so random with shoot concept, the finding of the barn from the road and now a horse, how could we not?

all in all, it was a fun birthday day, topped with some birthday cake flavoured ice cream from marble slab. yay us!
below are some samples for the day:

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Kristen said...

love love LOVE!!! what great pictures!

hey - just a thought, i'll have to verify with my husband first too... but i want 1 yr anniversary pics!!!

is worse than the gf that wants to celebrate monthly anniversaries?!?!?