27 July 2009

engagement shoot: matt + chelsey

for those that follow this blog, you may recall me posting a contest to shoot a free wedding this year. well a few days ago, i did an engagement shoot with the lucky winners Matt and Chelsey (you can read their wining entry HERE).

it was quite the hot and sunny day after the torrential rainstorm we received just a few days prior. the engagement shoot was actually touch and go as we didn't know what kind of weather we would get later on in the evening. luckily everything turned out more than ok.

it was a fun shoot shooting around the southside of the city as i was getting to know the couple at the same time. i know i'm going to have a blast shooting this wedding after spending some time with Matt and Chelsey. hopefully we'll see Matt bust out some breakdancing moves on the dancefloor on his wedding day!

in the meantime, feel free to check out their engagement shoot below.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roy. Matt here. Love the pics! We had a great time, and look forward to our wedding day!

Awesome work!

Chat soon!

Anonymous said...

Chelsey, Wow!!! those pictures are Beautiful!!! Just like you!!!!! Matt is one lucky guy. Loadstar is still waiting for the invitations, we heard it was an open bar.!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah weres the invits hehe,, anyway i love the pictures...you both finally started to open up at the end....very good...can';t wait to see the wedding pictures!!!!

Mai-Linh said...

Great work Nino! You've captured their love well in these photos ;-)