29 August 2009

the shoot that didn't happen

last weekend, my friend Genette Salgado came back to Edmonton for a short while so she can show some new designs from the Salgado Spring/Summer '10 collection for a fund raising event. we thought we had everything planned out the day of the shoot, which was the same day as the fashion show. we even met up beforehand to discuss what items of clothing to shoot, location and model, but alas that wasn't the case.

even though the models show up really early to go through a run through, they can't really slip out to do some shots as hair and make up are done at random times during the day. additionally, it was pretty cloudy and windy that day, basically mother nature nixed our outdoor shoot.

so even though out planned shoot didn't happen (it'll probably be rescheduled should she be back in edmonton or if i'm in vancouver), i still had my gear with me. time to bust out the photojournalistic, behind-the-scenes, "practice for a wedding day preparation" photoshoot:

see gallery: HERE

if there's anything to be learned from this day (whether you're photographing, co-ordinating, travelling etc), it's to make the best out of any situation and be prepared for anything, no matter how much planning goes on prior to the event. being spontaneous is a great trait to have!

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