12 May 2009

engagement shoot: angel + janice

this past weekend i had the pleasure of doing the engagement shoot for my buddy angel (someone that i've literally known my whole life from our days of being wee ones, to barangay, to university to present day) and his fiancee janice.

initially i was suppose to shoot them as they went for a hot air balloon ride very early sunday morning, but there were some dynamic factors and uncertainties that didn't make it possible as hot air balloon rides are dependent on weather conditions. even as i was driving to the landing spot, angel called me to say there was a change of plans and they were landing someplace else, someplace slightly farther from the initial landing spot! i literally missed them landing by 2 minutes just as i was at the intersection where i was suppose to turn off and meet.

as maxwell smart would say "i missed them by that (thumb goes here)|----------|(index finger goes here) much!

luckily it was still a beautiful morning as we moved the shoot downtown. feel free to browse through the pics from the morning:

i'm so happy for them and i can't wait to shoot their wedding (and their huge wedding party) this september.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

good work Roy!!!

i especially love the shot with the Jordan symbol and the ring... CLEVER!!!