18 May 2009

canada's next top model

sometimes i wonder why i still try to catch america's next top model. (actually it's for the photoshoot ideas and the cattiness)

tyra's crusade is sometimes so apparent, i don't know why she even puts on an act when it comes time to judging (ah yes! to show her acting ability). if only they showed other images from the shoot (3-5max), instead of choosing the "best" one, so they we can all see the range and versatility of the model in question. needless to say, i've been less than enthused with the current and previous winners over past couple of seasons and i don't think i'm alone in that category.

which brings me to canada's next top model. looking back at the past couple of seasons (since it's on constantly on much music as of late), there's always a decent crop of models to choose from and no presence of tyra!

that being said, i'm going to choose my top 3 models right now, based on the current pictures on the website (sans makeover) and not seeing a show - so who knows how my picks will actually do.


(lt to right: tara, nikita and jill)

there you go folks. these were the girls that stood out for me from the get go and in this industry it's all about getting that 1st impression. show starts on ctv as of may 28.


Kristen said...

uh oh - jill's out! you gonna pick someone to replace her?

|[ NINO ROY ]| said...

well look at me! one of my pics is in the top 3!