23 March 2009

keeping fit and having fun

oh wow! nearly 2/3 of the months has gone by and I've barely blogged for the month of march. (ok. not entirely as i've been "micro-blogging" on twitter!). i hope to get some shooting projects done after experiencing a couple of setbacks; meaning this blog should be going back to it's busy ways

so in the meantime, i've been trying to keep fit and preparing for anything that comes my way. "built to go and not for show" is my motto! so while I prepare for an awesome adventure in BC and someplace in south/central america that is still yet to be determined, i still need to keep myself active and occupied.

which is an awesome segway to the Little Big Run.

the good thing about the Little Big Run, which started back in 2007, is that the Little Big Run is a non-profit event that encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyles with all proceeds going directly to kids' programs throughout the capital region. if looking after your personal health is not a good enough reason to keep and active lifestyle, then I don't know what is.

so this year, i registered for the 10K race and started up a team, that i hope to fill up with friends and family: Team Live Long and Perspire.

(if you would like to join, click HERE and enter the Team Name: Live Long and Perspire followed by the Passcode: LBR2009)

My goal this year is to better my 10K time compared to last year's Great Human Race, which also happened to be my very first race. Last year I knew I didn't train well enough due to external circumstances (mother nature, I'm look at you!) but still made it a goal to complete the race, in which I did! So now, I plan to train hard and better my time in order to finish the race in about an hours' time.

And do I stop there? Heck NO!

Less than 48 hours ago, I signed up to participate in a 24 hour spin relay Spin Around the Clock.

All proceeds raised from this even goes towards the Livia Stoyke Foundation. Proceeds from this event helps the Livia Stoyke Charitable Foundation's innovative and creative programs in four key areas: fostering the arts, aiding women and children in need, alleviating poverty, and protecting the environment.

Feel free to sponsor me and help me reach my very modest goal as I put my spinning skills to a test. Proceeds go towards a great local cause plus you get a tax receipt come tax time ;)


Mai-Linh said...

Good for you!! Would love to join you but I will be in PEI/maritimes that week/weekend. I've got a conference to attend that week, then I'm going on a bike tour after that to explore the island.

Kristen said...


i'm really interested in joining you for the little big run... but i'm scared! it'll be my first run ever!!! i don't know whether or not i should do the 5 or 10km... oh decisions... i'm going to get a few more friends to join... how many ppl on your team so far?