30 September 2008

maximum fighting championship 18: famous

this past friday night, i was over at the River Cree Resort and Casino to help cover the Maximum Fighting Championship 18: Famous. just like the last event i helped covered, the fights tend to be exciting and full of non-stop action. MFC 18: Famous would be no different.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Just hanging around until neck's weak!

you win some, you lose some

mr face, meet mr fist!

I bet that didn't feel good

just moments before tapping

close call!

flying uppercut!

watching mixed martial arts live is quite the experience compared to watching it on tv. you really feel the excitement from the crowd as well as feel the blows each opponents takes. there was one instance where i was standing by one of the ringside judges and fighters were on our side up against the ropes. during one of the exchange of blows, specks blood came flying out and landed on the score sheet and tie of the ringside judge. it was kinda gross but yet cool at the same time. guess that's probably the testosterone talking.

from the last 2 events i covered, the mfc for the most part, has an entertaining card from top to bottom. the fighters appear equally matched so you really don't know who is going to win - and that's what makes it exciting. even talking with some of the fighters during the after party, they had nothing but good things to say and prefer the mfc over other promotions.

can't wait to cover their next event: MFC 19: Long Time Coming.

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