03 August 2008

maximum fighting championship 17: hostile takeover

last week i got a chance to cover a mixed martial arts event for local promotion maximum fighting championship

I didn't get a chance to cover the whole event due to prior commitments later on the evening. but i did happen to cover all of the opening bouts before the main fights. I did have my challenges of trying to shoot beneath a 4th rope compared to 3 roped ring (which gave me narrow movement) and dealing with some dark spots in the ring (from what I've been told, the lights were kept in the same position as the last event but the ring got bigger). But all in all it was a good card. Here are some images from my ringside position so you can try to envision yourself there with the fighter's corner yelling out instructions!

Warning: some of the images may be graphic. you have been warned.

Let's it started!

Somebody seems to be enjoying the fight!

A Kimura attempt

An uppercut that connects!

A bloody disappointment

Stare down

Trying to escape the guard and success in doing so!

Some "Ground n Pound" action

The painful end is inevitable

Sometimes it's not all about who wins

From what I've seen that evening, I think the MFC has a successful future ahead of them if they consistently put on good quality and entertaining matches. Can't wait to shoot for them for the next card and this time I will be staying for the whole fights so I don't miss any action!

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