08 August 2008

rhea + christian: dress rehearsal

This evening I attended Rhea and Christian's dress rehearsal. Their wedding is tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked to shoot it as it should be a happy, bright and sun shiny day!

As I do for the majority of my shoots, I like to do some research and scout the location I'll be shooting at beforehand. This way I can get familiar with the space and find out where I can maximize my shooting potential. On the same note, this is where I introduce myself (and my shooting partner) to the party so that during the day of, they know that should look out for me (and my partner) and my monster of a camera.

Today was no different. And seeing how most photography blogs that I visit generally have shots of the wedding and perhaps an after wedding "trash the dress" session, I thought I'd break the mold and post some dress rehearsal pictures. Still plenty of emotion and candidness to be captured during this day as well as opportunties to check out different vantage points and angles from the venue.

More shots can be found here.

Keep your eyes here to this blog for the actual weddings shots/teasers!

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