30 September 2008

2 weddings; 1 afternoon

this past saturday, I attended 2 weddings the same afternoon. and even when i say "attend", i still came with my camera to capture the day's events from the perspective of the pew i had to be stationary at.

now it's not uncommon to attend 2 weddings in one day since we're still within wedding season. what made things interesting that afternoon, was that not only were these weddings back to back, but they occurred at the same church!

the first wedding that morning was for Aiydle - whom I've know for quite some time as I've danced in her cotillion for her 18th birthday party. it wasn't too long ago that she and her family moved to the same community where i live and became part of our parish. then soon after, she and her then boyfriend, then fiance and now husband, Jonathan, attended the same parish as well. i'm glad that she found someone that loves her and i know will take good care of her.

here are some highlights from the ceremony:

after Aidyl and Jonathan's wedding ceremony, I made quick dash to the condo for some lunch. and about 15 min afterwards, I was back at the same church and seated myself around the same area for Kristen and Derek's wedding.

as for Kristen, I've known her since she was basically knee high as our families have known each other for quite some time by attending same parish as well as the same filipino functions. our families just love to dance. hard to believe that all these people i've seen grown up at our parish are now getting married and starting up a family. all the while, your truly is still single and still looking perpetually young!

here are some highlights from their ceremony:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy! I didn't know about your blog until today. I loved reading it! It was great seeing you last Saturday! Hopefully you weren't too tired.