27 May 2008

The Hives

This past saturday (yes! the same saturday evening of Allan and Mel's wedding!) I was able to catch Sweden's own: the Hives live in concert!

I almost didn't go as for some reason or another, Ticketmaster didn't have record of me purchasing the tickets. I was pretty sure that I ordered them online the day they were announced. But after going back and reviewing the account and confirmation e-mails from ticketmaster - I guess I didn't purchased them at all!

I debated the whole Saturday afternoon about either staying longer at the wedding that evening or just going out and checking out the Hives after the ceremony considering this was the 1st time the Hives came to Edmonton. Luckily the concert wasn't sold out so I was able to get a ticket for myself. And looking back at that crazy busy weekend, I was glad that I was able to check out such an awesome show and have some fun time for myself. Who knows? maybe the Hives will come back but this time would play in a bigger and impersonal venue with a bad sound system *cough* Shaw Conference Centre *cough* - not that the Edmonton Events Centre was any better

It's a good thing I told my sister to bring her canon digital point and shoot camera. Even though I was able to get in with my digital rebel, I realized that in order to make this work: a MEMORY CARD would be needed! (self: Good one Roy! Good one indeed! *golf clap*). Asides from the rebel, I left all of my camera gear in my dad's car after I left the wedding - memory cards included!

Oh well, good thing my sister's cam had image stabilization, manual settings and ability to shoot video so I was able to capture and record the event.

As for the concert itself, I got what I expected and had a good time. The concert was loud and full of energy - and the crowd totally bought it. To read more about the concert, read the Journal's Sandra Sperounes review, as I find her concert reviews pretty much spot on to what I though of the same shows.

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