01 June 2008

engagement shoot: rhea + christian

Last weekend, I did an engagement shoot for my friend Rhea and her new fiance Christian. I've known Rhea for quite a long time, spanning back to our days as young dancers for the Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society.

The weather held its own that day as the forecast called for rain and this was one the rare time times Christian would be in town as he's initially from BC (so he should be used to the rain!). It was a fun time walking and shooting around the park - there was some salsa dancing happening on the bridge and we even had a chance to feed some ducks by the end of our shoot!

feel free to check out the pics from the day.

I can't wait to shoot their wedding happening in early August.

A special thanks goes out to my friend Katya, who came along to shoot alongside with me during the day - to which I've included some of her pictures within the above slideshow.

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