28 April 2008

Top 10 Wedding Photographers... of the "World"?

American Photo recently released an article on the Top 10 Wedding Photographers of the World 2008.

Now as much as I dig some of the work of the photographers listed, to say that the top wedding photographers in the "world" are all from North America, that I (and some other people) have issues with. I'm sure that there are some exceptional wedding photography work to be found in Canada, Spain, Poland, Korea and Italy (just to mention a few countries) but yet they're not mentioned at all or given a whiff at to be considered to be top of the world. I guess you can draw a parallel to baseball having a "World Series" when it's only between teams situated in the US and Canada.

If anything, this article should've been renamed to something along the lines of "Top 10 North American Wedding Photographers Worth Checking Out" or "Top 10 Buzz Worthy Wedding Photographers.

But enough ranting for now, check out the list and draw your own conclusions.

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Images By Frost Photography said...

Wicked that you mentioned Poland :)