28 April 2008

Congratulations Bernard & Joy

This past weekend was fairly busy so this blog will be updated by different entries.

Over this past weekend, I attended the wedding of my godbrother, Bernard Quilala and his new wife Joy.

If the name sounds somewhat familiar, it's because Bernard was a contestant on Canadian Idol, season 2 (click here to see his bio // click here to see one of his performance - about 3min 6sec into the clip).

So if you are one to play the "6 Degrees of Separations" Game, by knowing me, who knows Bernard, you are just a few degrees of knowing Jacob Hoggard of Hedley, the lovely and talented Kalen Porter, and everyone else, including the judges who have vast connections in the music industry, associated with Canadian Idol that season.

Now going back to the wedding, I was merely a guest and not the official photographer. But that didn't stop me from bringing my 70-200mm to the ceremony. Here are a few sample images taken from the ceremony.

Seeing that Bernard is a unique individual, this was quite the unique church wedding:
- the reading came from E.E. Cummings' "I Carry You in My Heart" instead of a scripture reading
- both he and wife sang after the exchanging of vows
- there was an interpretive dance to Joe Cocker's "Have a Little Faith"
- the recessional song was Michael Buble's "Everything"

All in all, it was a good day. Seeing Bernard and Joy together, it was obvious that they totally deserve each other and I wish them best of luck in marriage and eventually, parenthood.

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