19 April 2008

it's not about the size; it's how you use it

i came across this feature and announcement while browsing the interweb during it's hours of operations.

The Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 is just three inches tall but it includes some fairly decent digital features, making this tiny camera more than just a novelty. Though the coolest part though is how much is resembles a shrunken version of an original Rolleiflex, a camera widely used by portrait and wedding photographers due to it's medium format.

For some quirky reason, I would love to get my hand one of these. I've always wanted to utilize a rolleiflex camera because of its style and different way of shooting but the availability and price (of the body and film) has held me back. This MiniDigi can now make this a possibility.

Can you image me using this little bad boy for a commissioned shoot like a portrait shoot or a wedding? Those that really know me can probably picture so, admist some strange looks of course. Then again, it's not as if I'm shooting a wedding with a camera phone!

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