02 May 2008

Edmonton Fashion Week

Edmonton Fashion Week has come and gone once again. I didn't cover much nights this time around compared to previous years. Did a steep $20 cover charge have to do something with it? perhaps...

So this time around, I went to the nights where my friends were showing off their collections and show them my support. At the same time, I mainly go to these events to socialize with the other local photographers, designers and models for perhaps a future collaboration.

Here are a couple of links from the events I went to:
Friday, Apr 25: I || II
Sun, Apr 27: I || II || III
Wed, Apr 30: I || II || III

I'm somewhat amused at the number of people that participated during the runway shows that haved used an image I captured of them as their current profile pic on Facebook. It's all good and I love the free advertising!

It seems like every year I attend these events, the designers keep upping the quality of their designs and leaves you wanting more. I'm hoping that next year, they can move from a different venue where it's more bigger and brighter and where the lighting crew actually knows what they're doing so that we as photographers can properly capture the clothes coming down the catwalk, as that was/is my biggest beef in previous years

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