28 February 2008

Thursday's Ramblings

The more i think about it, I think I'm becoming a spy photographer - a very good trait among taking photojournalistic photos! that and being a field agent taking surveillance pictures for the Impossible Mission Force!

Today's roundabout shoot at the Edmonton Motor Show went pretty well - I got my list of "MUST NEED" shots worked on at a steady pace. Many of the shots taken during the day are and will be repetitive. But the cool thing with people is that you can various reactions from different people at the same booth or venue. And walking around the venue through most of the day with a pretty big camera and lens, it's not easy being coy to catch people "at that moment!"

But the shots turned out pretty well of the people and kids (who looked like they should've been in school during the day! LOL!) interacting with the venue's booth and display features - the promoter's should be content with the images thus far. All the while, I really don't think the "subjects" in the photo noticed me, as I usually look for their reaction after I take the shot.

I guess I can attribute that trait of sneaking around and being inconspicuous, all the while accomplishing what I need to do without being intrusive, to the past experiences of shooting around the clubs for various promoters and most, recently - the wonderful world of wedding photography.

Hence my term "spy photographer"

Shots from the motor show will be posted, when they're posted!

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