28 February 2008

Thursday's Ramblings (part deux)

Vanity Fair's "Hollywood Issue" came out a few days ago - and again, the cover is done by one of my favorite photographers: Annie Leibovitz . The theme for this particular issue was to re-enact scenes from "Hitchcock Classics."

The reason why I bring this up, is that not only is this a cool issue, but they have a "The Making of the Hitchcock Portfolio" video of the shoot on their website. As much blase the video may appear to be, I like the concept of "going behind the scenes" - which is a reason why I purchase certain dvds.

But in the majority of the special features, you don't hear the director discussing how he laid out the tracking on the floor or where and what angle to the subject he positioned the lightbox during the scene - you already see that in place and you take it in. You observe everything that happens during the filming to get that end result - sometimes you're in awe, amazement or full of giddiness at what goes on behind the scenes.

That being said, one of these days I'll have someone tag along with me during a shoot to get some "behind the scenes" shots (or videos) done. If anything, these won't be instructional types of shots/videos on how i positioned the light or what settings I had the camera on - more than likely, we probably don't have the same equipment nor do you probably care about the science). As much as possible, I try to have as much fun on a shoot as it results in some crazy-amazing pictures. And I think it would be cool and funny to share with you how much fun the shoots are.

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