05 March 2008

The Power of Baby Photos

"Without those pictures, memories fade" - Jessica Person

I saw this post on a fellow photographer's blog and I felt I had to share. This story is both tragic and heartwarming at the same time

This morning, the Today Show did a feature on the "Power of Baby Photos" (view video clip HERE).

And I couldn't help but think about an upcoming maternity shoot that I plan to do this upcoming weekend for a co-worker of mine.

In the nutshell, the clip demonstrates the important role a photographer plays within the lives of a family in recording events and moments for even just that brief period in time.

And seeing how I'm evolving with my craft in terms of capturing moments in such important events such as weddings and birth, I guess you could say that I'm fortunate to be blessed in having that instinct to recognize and capture those moments for others to enjoy for a lifetime, and bring a smile to their faces

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