27 February 2008

Edmonton Motor Show

Yours truly has another busy week ahead of him. As luck would have it, I will be the main photographer for this weekend's Edmonton Motor Show starting as of tomorrow morning.

I'm no stranger to car related events as I've officially helped cover the Edmonton Grand Prix for the past 2 years with my photojournalistic style of covering the event outside and leading up to the race. From what I've heard, there are going to be a lot of cool cars and interactive displays - so it should be a fun and interesting shoot.

So if you see me shooting around the venue and want to be included in the images for "promo" purposes, don't hesitate to stop me and say "Hi!"

I'll see what I can do in getting some sample pictures up. Either I'll post some samples day by day, or post them at the end of the event. I'll play it by ear as always - but at least it'll give you an excuse to check out this blog daily!

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