20 February 2008

Behind the Scenes: Venzilla Shoot

This past monday, I helped my friend Annaliza take some pictures for her upcoming online vintage store. Annaliza and I go pretty far back so I was more than glad to help her for a cost of dinner of a place of my choosing. She wasn't kidding when she told me beforehand that she had lots of items to shoot.

I think I will run 5K that day she takes me out to dinner!

Once she has the shop up and running, I will share the link that has my images. I must say there were some pretty neat stuff that I shot and some were like "umm.. is that really blue VINYL leisure suit?"

But for now, here are some behind the scenes shots of the girls getting ready for the shoot.

Many thanks to Erin, Jen and Barbie for being such good models to work with. They sure made my job easy during those 5+ hours!

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ROY... you are the bomb diggity sometimes doggity photographer --- went through the flix and noticed some certain body parts in focus rather than my clothes !! =P XOXO