18 February 2008


And so another long weekend is upon us, meaning here is another opportunity to fit in some shoots - some of which will be posted in the next few days to come.

One of the shoots this past weekend was a "play it by ear" shoot. After meeting with a local photographer for a breakfast meeting, Perry (one of the coolest and funniest guys you'll ever meet) asked if I wanted to come along and see 1 of 2 Barracuda convertibles made.

Sure why not? I had my Olympus C5060 at the time and I had some time to kill before a lunch meeting. Here are some sample shots taken while the car was being restored at Joey's Place:

I must say, this is one pretty sweet piece of machinery, considering the rarity of this model. As well, this is just a practice run of shooting automobiles, as your truly will be the main photographer at the Edmonton Motor Show.

Can't wait.

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