20 February 2008

Behind the Scenes: Venzilla Shoot (bonus)

In addition to my last post, Make Shift Studio was in full effect as I set up space within Annaliza's basement - which also happened to be Annaliza's son's (Micah) playroom!

I found it a hilarious how Micah's grandma gives him an avocado drink (consisting mostly of avocado, milk and sugar. lots of sugar) and then asked Annaliza to make him take a nap. a 5 year old full of sugar willing to be put to bed for a nap? What a set up! Needless to say, Micah (and Optimus Prime!) made their presence known throughout the day and during the shoot

Micah reaching into his drawer of tricks. Quite the entertainer

Micah showing Barbie's boyfriend how to score chicks off Facebook!

Micah running around with chair strapped to his back with expensive lighting equipment around

He did prove to be quite the photogenic kid. So in between model shoots, I got him to work for me and do some poses in front of the backdrop. I will point out that NOTHING has been done to these photos and they were taken only afer 1 shot!

How cute is that? Can someone say "Gap Kids"? or "LL Bean for Kids"?

After only showing the preview pics from my camera's LCD screen, his grandma wants me to use these pictures and find Micah a talent scout/agent! Maybe Micah can follow his mom's footsteps and do some modeling.

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