31 December 2007

Sexy Monkeys

Today I had one last photo shoot before the New Years. This shoot was for a new events and party planning company called Sexy Monkey Productions Inc.

and NO! they don't involve these types of Sexy Monkeys:

In fact, they're quite the opposite and not as hairy! Thank goodness!

The shoot went quite alright this afternoon @ the Citadel. I worked with Melissa before (the brunette) in terms of building up her portfolio. So that familiarity helps as we know what to go for on each frame. However, her business partner Ashley, whom I've never seen before in photos prior to the shoot, has not partaken in a shoot like this before. And of course, the questions race to the back of my mind "how will she do?" "how will she respond to my directions?" "will this be like pulling teeth? or will this be a simple cleaning?"

Luckily she photographed fairly well - not too bad for a 1st timer; though in my theory, I do think she probably practiced on front of mirror many a times pretending to be Canada's Next Top Model as she eventually turned out to be a natural and her frames turned out quite well.

Here are a few unedited teaser samples from the shoot:

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