26 December 2007

Boxing Day pt. 2

First off: I'm full. Very full. After nearly 3 weeks of feeding frenzies at work, home and wherever else we're invited, it's nothing but food, food and more food! and when it comes time to gift opening, lo and behold: more sucrose goodness! I would've gladly accepted a woolen sweater vest rather than a huge box of candy! Meh! I really need to be a man on a mission at the gym this week! Time to update the ipod with more hard rock music to boost up the adrenaline and motivation!

But back to Boxing Day, as crazy at it may seem, it wasn't too bad @ WEM today. I think we got there just before 10:22am and there was still plenty of parking to be found. As well, shopping around at various outlets wasn't too bad. People need to treat Boxing Day as a sport or an outting: once you prepare yourself with good hiking/trail shoes, carry a MEC backpack and charged up the ipod - you're good to go!

I didn't find anything that suited me today in terms of clothing but on the same note, I'm fairly finicky when it comes to clothes. I'm pretty much set with the casual wear but I need to revamp the "classy" side of the closet. And from my experience, Boxing Day is the day where the majority of the stores try to get rid of the clothes that no one else bought during the year.

But Boxing Day is usually not reserved for shopping. Most of the time I just go out to these venues just to see who I can run into that I haven't seen in awhile. Seems silly that I use a day like Boxing Day to see those I haven't seen in awhile when I could've just called him/her and converse over a a cup of coffee any time prior! Today was no different.

I also got the chance to catch National Treasure II with my long time buddy Mailinh- just fresh from her 2 month trip to India! (which you can read about it HERE) If there ever was Nicholas Cage Fan Club, I'm sure she would be up there in the Jr-Vice President or some other hardcore position like that! As for the movie itself? If you've ever watch a Nicholas cage adventure movie, you pretty much know what you're getting into. Mailinh and I just love dissecting his quotes, motives and very much at times, his absurdity. Sometimes, it's even more funner than the movie itself as we're very easily amused, especially at he expense of one Nicholas Cage. ahahahah!

But after supper @ my Ninong's house, I am ready to just call it a night. As mentioned earlier, I've been up since 4:15am this morning and never had a chance to take a power nap - not even during National Treasure! Although I'm feeling fine at the moment, I'm sure this will catch up to me someway or another. Thanks goodness for 2 workdays this week before the weekend!

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Biggest NIC fan said...

Check this site out: www.cagefactor.com- it's THE Nic Cage fan club website!!!! lol. Too funny...