26 December 2007

Boxing Day pt. 1

I really can't believe that I woke up @ 4:15am to go boxing day shopping @ best buy this year! If I could've gotten the items online starting on the 24th, I would've, but the online availability of each item: 0!

Driving across the city around 4:45am, we saw mediocre line ups @ visions and future shop. So imagine my surprise when we pulled up to the best buy parking lot and the line up that was literally blocks long! and it wasn't even 5:15am yet!for those familiar with the area, we were in line right in front of Smart Set. Luckily, the weather wasn't that bad while waiting outside. Plus I had NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, the White Stripes and Wolfmother to keep my head rockin' on the ipod to keep me awake! w00t!

When the doors finally opened just after 6:00am, the line up went in quite quickly. And here I thought we were going to be the second batch going in considering the number of people that were ahead of us!

Not even 7min in the store, I was already unsuccessful at buying the Canon Rebel xti and accessory kit for my dad as they were already snatched up. But all was not lost as I still had my game plan; I didn't line up in the fricken cold to leave empty handed!

After a mad dash to the back (having momentum and broad shoulders helps this cause) and quick swipe of the plastic card, I had the following items in my hands:

HP Scanjet PhotoscannerWD 1 TB External Hard DriveSanDisk 4 GB CF II

Total Amount Saved: $390.00
(WOW! I can almost buy a xbox 360 with those savings!)

So I'm fairly content with my contribution to the GDP so far. I would go back to sleep but I'll soon be off to West Edmonton Mall in a few hours. I don't plan on getting anything but who knows what may catch my eye. Today I'll be galavanting around with a friend and watch an afternoon movie like years previous.

More to post later on.

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