12 September 2009

wedding: Jaime + Homer

last month I attended the wedding of a Jaime (aka Precious) and Homer.

I've known Precious for a long time, ever since my age was in the single digits! yeah, that's quite awhile! so it a happy moment to see her marry Homer... Again! (they got married last year in San Francisco, which is where they will reside).

while I didn't shoot the wedding as some people would expect, that still didn't stop me from bringing the camera + 70-200mm f/2.8 so I could shoot from a fair distance from my pew. and besides, people would be asking me "ROY! where's your camera?!"

what made this day even more memorable was that Precious' brother, Bobet and his wife, Cristi, welcomed their son Jaxon Cazper into the world on the same date! No, it didn't happen right then and there, even though Cristi was having contractions during the ceremony - thought that would've made the day even more interesting to talk about. but at least this family has 2 wonderful events to remember on this day.


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