23 September 2009

battle of the salons: RAW Beauty

This past weekend I attended this year's Battle of the Salons and did coverage on behalf of Raw Beauty Inc.

I think someone from the battle of the salons organizing committee has read my thoughts and opinions of last year's inaugural event on my blog as this year appeared more entertaining and well put together. The organizers got it right this time around by actually focusing on the hairstylists working under pressure and pushing their creative limits in front of their peers and audience members versus a martial arts display or showcasing some bubble gum hip hop group of the month. Not that they were a bad thing last year but it detracted the excitement away from the competition itself. And doing it this way did in fact create more excitement among the crowd.

As always, I totally have a great time covering events that deal with art and creativity, and this was no different. This time, brushes were exchanged for scissors and the canvases were on top of people's heads. Need I say more? Raw Beauty held their own again this year by coming in the top 6 overall in the professional category and top 3 in the 1st timers category. Congrats to Jenny and Heather for a job well done. I may to come in one of these days to get my hair done by one of these 2 talented hairstylists!

Below are some images I captured on behalf of Raw Beauty before, during and after the competition.


bishopadeniyi said...

You are amazing thank you soooo much for this you did an awesome job! Making us all look beautiful, we had a blast and you captured it very well!

vaiybora said...

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