22 September 2008

Underground Style: Battle of the Salons

This past Sunday I went out to the Edmonton City Centre parkade (yes! the parkade!) to check out Edmonton's inaugural salon event: Underground Style - Battle of the Salons

see my pictures: gallery 1 | gallery 2

This was Alberta's 1st hairstyle competition among 24 salon's from around the province, the majority of which came and represented Northern Alberta. I had a couple of reasons to attend this event:
  • I have a number of friends and acquaintances in the hair industry (hard to have good photography without a good hairstylist!) so I went out to show my support.
  • I missed out on Edmonton's Fall Fashion week this year with me being in Peru and all. Not that was a bad thing :) but generally the hairshows tend to be one of the most interesting shows during the week.
  • I've seen images from past hairshows based out of Eastern Canada and the result tend to be crazy super, ultra hip and cool. Tonight was no different.

    I don't know about others who attended, but I thought it would've been cool if we actually saw the stylists work on their hair models up close and personal on the stage or on the floor for at least the Trend portion of the competition. I can understand the hair models for the Fantasy portion being kept away for the element of surprise, but I would've loved to watch the stylists work under pressure. Think of it as the excitement factor one gets from watching Iron Chef. Sure cutting and styling may seem like a boring and tedious process to some, but watching those cut and style under pressure - you feel the excitement and thrive on the adrenaline of watching people attempt to succeed under constrained conditions.

    But overall, it was a great event. I love art and creativity being displayed at its finest - so I had a blast that evening. Congratulations to Salon on 6th for winning the Trend portion of the competition and Rendezvous Salon & Spa for winning the Fantasy portion of the competition.
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