08 February 2009

engagement shoot: sarah + kris

this morning i had the pleasure of shooting an engagement shoot with a couple around the city. sarah and kris are a young couple who happen to be friends of a friend of mine. from the moment i met them during our initial consultation, i knew that they would be a fun couple to shoot - especially when they suggested to do their engagement session sometime during the winter season.

if there's one thing we albertans like, it's winter!! we embrace winter! we like to attack our winters with tobaggans/gt snow racers, crazy carpets, skis, snowboards, snowshoes and ice skates. the -35C weather on the other hand,... we don't embrace it that much! fortunately, it was a brisk morning - good enough for an outdoor shoot.

feel free to check out the pics from the morning:

i can't wait to shoot their wedding this upcoming august long weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Beeeautiful. Great job! Ecstatic to see the wedding.