25 January 2009

chinese new years

a "gung hay fat choy" to all my asianese friends out there. this year is considered to be the "year of the ox" - meaning "for those who want to begin new creative projects or complete ongoing projects, the Year of the Ox is seen to foster calm and determination, persistence and hard work--all of which will lead to greater productivity and prosperity, for individuals and collectively"

for an artist such as myself, looks like this should be my year to shine!

speaking of photography, my friend Katya and i when on a "shoot date" this past weekend to shoot with our 5Ds. initially we were trying to work a date when we can shoot whatever comes our way outdoors. she suggested we should wait until it gets warmer seeing how it's tough to shoot in -20/-30C weather. me being the smart guy that i am, i suggested we can shoot someplace indoors. i'm not just all looks you know!

and seeing how this weekend there would be some chinese new years festivities happening at west edmonton mall, this would be a great opportunity to shoot some performing arts as well as colorful and detailed trinkets, sculptures and art pieces.

see more pictures HERE

at the same time, i lent out my beloved 24-70mm f/2.8 to Katya so that she see what an awesome lens to have in your arsenal. so while she shot with my 24-70mm, i shot with her 100mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses in my confined corner and as timm gunn would say "make it work!" i'm still pleased with the results given my range limitations.

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