08 January 2009

salgado fenwick

earlier this week i had the chance to collaborate with a couple of local tee shirt designers extraordinaire: shauna force and linda ritter aka Salgado Fenwick

i've known of them and their company for quite awhile throughout the local art community news. and more recently, a couple of people i travelled to peru with, wore a couple of their shirts during the trip. talk about global exposure! i finally met up with linda during a halloween party through a common friend and we briefly talked about doing a collaboration sometime in the near future between a couple of stellas and a game of jenga. a few months later, here we are doing our thang.

the shoot itself was quite fun on that cold winter's night in linda's basement. the make shift studio we shot in proved to be quite eclectic and colorful - a perfect setting to showcase their tees.

some of the shots will be used to update their website as well as be included in catalogues/brochures to clients and other vendors. fun times.

here are a few samples from the shoot:

for more information about when and where you can check out and purchase their designs, feel free to join their facebook group - and don't pretend you don't have a facebook account, m'kay?! denial is only considered to be a river in egypt! :P

shout outs: models ted and kolby for being great to work with and to kassie for doing a MACtastic make up job.

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